Veganhoods.com, where “hoods” is short for neighborhoods.

When attempting to find a new neighborhood to move in Portland, we wanted to find the neighborhood with the most vegan food options (most concentration of vegan restaurants and vegan meals). We think we found it when we moved near Alberta Street in Portland. However, it took many trips to the area to figure it out.

The website was setup to accomplish three goals:

1) Make it easy for people visiting or living in a city to find the neighborhood with the most vegan restaurants and vegan meals, all within walking distance of each other. Other websites list restaurants with vegan food options, but they may be spread out, or you might not be sure where they are located.

2) Provide a rating for each location, to show you how easy it is to find a vegan meal. It will also encourage places with lower ratings (or not rated at all) to modify their menu or selections to improve their rating.

3) Bring awareness to the most vegan friendly neighborhoods, to get exposure and attention for leading the way to a new lifestyle, and to provide motivation to other neighborhoods to get added to the list.

The easier it is for non-vegan eaters to see what options on the menu are vegan, the easier it will be to make them switch to a vegan diet.

Someday, we hope that every restaurant in the world caters to vegan eaters (rated as “vegan aware”) by making it easy to look at their menu and find a vegan meal (instead of trying to figure out what to remove from each dish, or just ordering a generic salad, or asking a bunch of annoying questions to the server).

If you have ideas for our website, have a neighborhood you’d like to help us add to the site, or have general questions, please contact us

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